Black Cat

   Cottage & Truffles

Black Cat Cottage is on 20 peaceful acres. Come, stay and relax in our self-contained farm stay accommodation and share in the picturesque views of Creswick State Forest and our 1000 tree truffiere

Truffiere News - April 26th 2017

So excited to have our friends Colin (Trufficulture) and Noel (Truffle Harvest) presenting a seminar on growing hazelnuts and (of course) truffles this weekend. Fascinating to see people go thru the same journey that we have, but with informed knowledge instead of or version 10 years ago which was more like “Coooool, that sounds like fun!” Not a business plan or skerrick of pre-knowledge of what we were getting into – what a laugh – but I wouldn’t change it all for quids.

I am still thinking that we will have good truffle mid-may.

We have seen a bunny or two in the last couple of weeks – these varmits probably cost us about 6kg of truffle last year – Grrrr…

Truffiere News - April 2nd 2017

Looks like it is time to stop irrigating - not too bad - we have only watered since 31st Dec to end of March.

Here we have an easy to find truffle (no dog required) and our new truffle dog enjoying the morning in the truffiere.

Truffiere News - May 12th 2017

Lynette was taking some chefs thru the truffiere yesterday (lovely guys - check them out at and dislodged a 160g truffle a bit earlier than should have - naughty - Our enthusiasm is unbridled this close to the season!! Sooon, Soooon… they are calling…

We do free tours for chefs by arrangement - Tuesdays and Thursdays - show them where they really come from.

Very excited to be part of the Truffle Melbourne festivities again this year - we will have a stall at Queen Vic Markets over the June 17 / 18 weekend and having hunts at our truffiere - Join in the fun!