Black Cat

   Cottage & Truffles

Black Cat Cottage is on 20 peaceful acres. Come, stay and relax in our self-contained farm stay accommodation and share in the picturesque views of Creswick State Forest and our 1000 tree truffiere

December 2018

It’s the off season for truffles, which doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do…

The year was good for us - we had a 50% increase in production from 30 to 45 kg.

As soon as the truffle season was deemed to be ‘finished’ (sometime late August usually), we start pruning, ripping and re-inoculating, then when the weather starts heating up (like now), we clean out the irrigation lines and start watering. In our case we also planted an additional 20x Summer truffle seedlings which we are hand the normal 2 week cycle will be too long for them between drinks.

Rabbits are starting to make their presence felt very early this year - maybe because we ripped and inoculated so early. They seem to like digging in the rip lines where the new root growth is forming. So we are back to a weekly boundary patrol and fix routine.

We have had some false starts in watering this year - just when it seems there is no more rain in the sky and we start watering, it starts raining again. Obviously it’s because we are watering that it rains… or is that because we put the washing out? Who knows…


Andres & Lynette